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Huawei Color Band A1 Black


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Huawei Color Band A1 Black
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Color Band A1’s battery
If you think that this is yet another smart device that you will have to frequently charge, we will make you happy with the news that Color Band A1’s battery can last for as long as a month after a single charge. 28 days, to be more exact, or at least this is the official information we can choose to trust. The charging becomes possible via a small panel with a microUSB port which is magnetically attached to the bracelet.


Color Band A1’s features
To make use of all features the bracelet offers, you will have to install the Color Band A1 app (from the Google Play store) on your phone. It, of course, is free of charge and is only 4 MB. For those of you who think that all this is a bit too complicated, we can say that the app is quite convenient and simplified. Additionally, the info it provides is very well structured in a way which is convenient and easy to understand for people who are new to all this. It’s not like you need a university degree to operate with such devices but still. This bracelet’s capabilities can be arranged in three sections – sports activity, sleep quality, and UV radiation monitoring.


Sports activity
We tested the sports activity monitoring in a game of mini football. After the game we checked the app. The information it displayed includes the number of steps made. In our case it showed a tad below 10 000 steps or converted into distance – 7.27 km. We can also see the calories burned. We got 295.2 kcal and this has been compared to two corns so that we can get a good idea. Additionally, the bracelet can automatically recognize the type of your activity – walking, running or cycling. This can happen after a certain amount of time has passed. For example, the football game we played took about two hours. The bracelet told us that the activity type had been walking. We can’t say that this is the best game we’ve had, but there were moments in which there was some serious running. However, if you go jogging in which constant running is mandatory, the smart device will register accordingly. At the bottom of the app you will find info about the daily progress you’ve accomplished. You can actually determine this target beforehand. What’s more, you can share your achievements on social networks and so we are planning to share with our friends how whole-heartedly we’ve played in that game.


Sleep quality
After the game one must let his/her body rest, and this is another area in which the smart bracelet can come in handy. In this app section you can obtain info not only about the duration of your sleep but also about its quality or sleep stages, to be more exact. You will find out the amount of time you’ve slept really deep or more lightly, as well as the periods you’ve been awake. Furthermore, there is a chart that displays what happens while you’re sleeping. Below it you can read some tips. In our case the app told us that we’ve slept enough but that we needed to sleep more deeply.


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-Thin and light + different band colors
-Sports activity tracking when walking, running or cycling
-Sleep quality tracking
-UV effect tracking
-Durable battery – 28 days from a single charge

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