Nikon D3400 Camera in DubaiDon’t get carried away that Nikon D3400 digital camera is only for professionals. It may surprise you that professionals and amateurs will find it comfortable to use it easily. Though there are many automatic controls, the fact is that you can switch to manual control for more precise exposures. There is little that we need to say about the high quality standards of Nikon imaging products – they are among those who follow the highest standards and therefore are reliable. You can buy Nikon D3400 camera in Dubai and all over the world. A big network of service centers ensure that you get quality services easily.


In short the Nikon D3400 camera is a marvel of camera technologies and is basically a DSLR camera. You can enhance the features by adding accessories. It accommodates a wide range of lenses to suit special needs. Feature wise the camera is unbeatable.


Specialty of Nikon D3400:


The Nikon D3400 is a 24.2 MP camera and therefore is perfectly suited for capturing high quality images. Coupled with 23.5 x 15.6 mm CMOS sensor it fits well as an all-weather camera. This makes it possible to snap pictures in the sizes: 6000 x 4000, 4496 x 3000 and 2992 x 2000 pixel ranges. It accommodates file formats such as JPEG and NEF (RAW).


The Nikon D3400 is suited both for professionals as well as amateurs because it has multiple control systems. Users can easily switch between standard, neutral, vivid, monochrome, portrait, landscape and flat easily through the picture control system. Common file system supports include: DCF 2.0, Exif 2.3, PictBridge. For getting proper view of image there is the Eye-level pentamirror single-lens reflex viewfinder.


As an amateur, you will find the Nikon D3400 easier than any other camera in the class to handle because it supports auto focus, an essential for beginner photo enthusiasts. Further this feature is enhanced by the electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter making it an almost aim and shoot camera. There is also greater control over shutter speed which makes it an all-weather camera for all occasions. In addition there are 11 focus points to choose making it a highly versatile camera that even a kid can handle with ease.


The Nikon D3400 is a versatile camera because it has SnapBridge technology built into it. This makes it easier to transfer images from the camera to another device without the need to connecting it with cables. The advantage is you can transfer pictures instantly while on the go to your internet storage accounts. You will find this particularly useful when you have save on battery charge.


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