- Phantom 4 Pro VS Phantom 4The Drone maker DJI already has a commanding position in the market for both consumer and commercial drones, but the company isn’t slowing down. In fact, it seems to be pushing out new product faster than ever, putting its foot on the throat of competitors already struggling to keep up.


The Phantom 4 Pro, an update to the Phantom 4 unit which came out in March 2016. The Pro boasts a better camera, more advanced obstacle avoidance, greater battery life, and additional intelligent flight modes. It puts some space between the top of the Phantom line and the new Mavic Pro — a cheaper, smaller drone DJI released in October which, at least on paper, was just as powerful as its larger cousin.


The Phantom 4 Pro is available with an optional built-in screen as well. You can buy Phantom 4 Pro and Accessories in Dubai at and get delivered to you within 3-5 Hours in Dubai. DJI is clearly hoping this unit has enough new features to entice serious hobbyists and professional photographers and filmmakers away from the cheaper, more portable Mavic Pro.