bose wireless headphones

If you are tired of having to increase volume for the sake of better hearing then noise cancelling headphones is a must for you. The main benefit of a noise cancelling headphone is that you don’t have frequently change your audio volume in your audio device. Wireless headphones with noise cancellation features are even more advantageous to listeners because the user doesn’t have to frequently shift the cable up or down while travelling in a train, bus or airplane. Bose wireless headphones are among the most envied headphones internationally.


Bose wireless headphones come in multiple designs and configurations that fit into a variety of other audio devices. They are reputed for high standards and quality and are also reputed to be durable. You can order Bose wireless headphones in Dubai from a leading online electronic gadget store like has a wide range of Bose wireless headphones suited to almost all configurations from multiple makers of audio equipment from around the world. Their flagship technology is the acoustic noise cancellation system. Bose wireless headphones find application in entertainment industry and military for precise hearing experience.


Here are some top class Bose wireless headphones features you will love.


Better Hearing Experience for Music Lovers

Bose wireless headphones are designed in such a way as to cancel external noise even in environments that are noisy. It is almost like magic, but that is not it. It is the superior technology and fine engineering that goes into the making of each wireless headphone from Bose. Further the ear cups are made to give you a flawless fit.


Long Battery Life

As a traveler Bose understands how difficult it is to replace or recharge batteries while on the move. To make things more comfortable, Bose technology gives your battery the longest life ever. If you are using the phones in a wireless environment the device can give you up to 20 hours of hearing pleasure without the least bit of drop in exhilarating experience. With wires battery charge can go up to 40 hours. This is more than anything else you can bargain for.


High Quality Standards and Materials

Bose wireless headphones use nothing but the best materials in making their headphones. Backing the high quality of materials is their superior manufacturing technology and engineering technology that they use. You will particularly love Alcantara, the soft material that is deployed in the ear cups that is soft yet so durable to give you longer life and hearing experience. The ear cushions need to be mentioned particularly for the rich soft texture that helps to keep out noise.


Light as Feather

One of the most notable features of the Bose Wireless Headphones is their extreme low weight that makes it to be worn all day long and yet feel so comfortable. Don’t however expect that the makers use plastics to reduce weight, instead they use nylon for durability and stainless steel to give it an exceptional standard.


The benefits of ordering Bose Wireless Headphones from are many – in Dubai your orders will be processed the same day and delivered to you within 3-5 hours. You can pay cash on delivery and more importantly you can track your order position online itself.