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Batman Arkham Knight For PS4

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The Scarecrow Nightmare Missions

When you buy Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4, not only will you wage war on Gotham’s streets, you’ll also have the opportunity to brave a test devised by the fractured mind of The Scarecrow. Split into three missions, you’ll need to venture into a Gotham City cloaked in an eerie eclipse of The Scarecrow’s making. Luckily, you’ll be able to call upon the Batmobile as you attempt to destroy the deranged psychiatrist.


Psychological warfare

Strapped into the Batmobile, keep your eyes peeled for the Bat-Signal, the beacon beamed into the sky that has become a symbol of hope for Gotham. Once you’ve moved to the start-marker on the map, you’ll notice a sinister murder of crows flocking to a far-off Bat-Signal. When they reach their destination, they’ll morph into a towering version of The Scarecrow. It’s your job to reach him and prevent the Bat-Signal from being destroyed – but you’ll have to cut a path through his nightmare army first.


A demonic assault

Hell is about to break loose: look out the giant Scarecrow’s fireball attacks, a brigade of demon tanks and legions of flaming skeletons charging your Batmobile. Your task is to reach the Bat-Signal, power up it and aim its beam into The Scarecrow’s face. After showing The Scarecrow that plunging Gotham into a nightmarish abyss will be no cakewalk, it’s time to move on to the even trickier next step.


Waking from the nightmare

Now The Scarecrow really goes to town, launching fierce direct attacks – including a huge energy beam that tracks the Batmobile. As well as The Scarecrow’s demon gaze, you’ll also have his hellish horde to fight off. But if you can hold them off, you’ll face off against The Scarecrow’s final, last-ditch retaliation.


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